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Arctic Fortune Poker Machine Game Review

Arctic Fortune Poker Machine – 1024 Ways to Win

Arctic Fortune Poker Machine Main Screen

Arctic Fortune Poker Machine Main Screen

This poker machine is themed around the vikings and their epic adventures into the unknown snow covered lands.  The reels are full of fierce warriors  both sexy and tough females vikings, traditional viking ships with the other symbols telling the tale of the adventures are  arctic wolves, treasure chests, horn of plenty a shield (substitute symbol) and treasure maps (free spins trigger). This pokie has a very exciting free spins feature where you take part in the adventure and have to shoot spiders to determine the amount of free spins, which multiplier you recieve and an additional win of up to 9000 coins.  The shield symbol substitutes for everything except for the free spins trigger. This poker machine can be played in all of the software we link to and we recommend Jackpot City AU.

Bonus Feature Trigger:

  • 3 or more treasure maps on any of the 5 reels

Arctic Fortune Poker Machine Vital Statistics
Lines: 1024 ways to win. We recomend 50c per spin to maximise payout.
Coins Size: 1c up to 50c. You can play up to x10 of any coin size.
Minimum Bet: 50c per spin.
Maximum Bet: $250 per spin.
Recommended Bet: $1 per spin.
Free Spins: – up to 40 and up to x6 multiplier

Shoot the Spiders Bonus Game

Shoot The Spiders Bonus Feature

Three or more treasure maps starts the exciting feature taking you to another screen to determine how many free spins,  the size of the multiplier and the amount of free bonus coins.  I really love this exciting bonus feature, as you start the feature you are the young warrior faced with a giant door covered in spider. You shoot the black spiders and each one killed lets you know how many free spins it is adding, then a red spider drops down and when you hit this it adds to your multiplier – this happens more than once. Check out our video of this bonus feature.

When all the spiders are killed the big steel doors open and a giant ferocious spider appears and full instructions where to shoot this spider appears on the screen.  You shoot at the head and body and the amount of bonus coins appear starts adding them as you continue to hit the spider. More instructions come up telling you to hit the door cranks either side of the spider. As soon as you hit the 2nd door crank the door falls down killing the spider and adds more to your bonus coins.

Our Rating for Arctic Fortune 1024 Ways Poker Machine: We have given this poker machine a red hot 5 out of 5. The feature to discover the free spins and multipier is exciting, random and can be awarded up to a massive 40 free spins with x6 multiplier. We have found common amount is 20 with x3 multiplier and enjoy the additional bonus coins that is added a big plus.  Having 1024 ways to win brings in lots of small wins and its not rare to get 5 of the same symbol. We have found it profitable but everyones luck is different, so no guarantees.

Rated 5 Out of 5 Rated 5 Out of 5 Rated 5 Out of 5 Rated 5 Out of 5 Rated 5 Out of 5

This poker machine is available in many versions of the downloadable casino software found online (free download) and can be played both as a guest player for free or for real money using a large variety of safe payment methods worldwide. We recommend Jackpot City AU Casino!

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