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Hellboy Poker Machine – 20 Lines, Free Spins & Bonus Feature

hellboy pokies game

Hellboy – Comic Superhero Poker Machine

Pokies Theme: From the 20 playline selections comes this poker machine game based on the comic superhero Hellboy, fully licensed through Dark Horse Comics. Whether you’re a fan of Hellboy or not, this game has some entertaining features including; Supermode (the randomly triggered free spins games) or the Bonus Game known as the Underworld Bonus, triggered by 3 or more fist symbols.

A quick rundown of the game features.

  • 20 Playlines
  • Free Spins Feature (Supermode) – 10 Spins with up to 3 held wilds
  • Bonus Game (Underworld Bonus) – locate and secure the hidden relic for bonus wins

Let’s have a look at the Free Spins Feature..

Hellboy Supermode - Free Spins Feature

Hellboy Supermode – Free Spins Feature

The free spins feature is triggered totally randomly on this poker machine. One minute you’re sitting there playing as normal, the next minute you’re in SUPERMODE!!!! You’re awarded 10 free spins during which Hellboy himself can run across the screen and shoot out one of the symbols which then remains as a Wild symbol for the remaining spins. If you’re lucky enough to get all 3, it can greatly add to the pays during your free games.

And as for the bonus feature.. The Underworld Bonus

Hellboy Underworld Bonus Feature

Hellboy Underworld Bonus Feature Screen

During the Underworld Bonus feature, you choose a path for Hellboy to follow and either find it’s blocked (no money) or find a bonus amount and the opportunity to continue onto the next screen and get more bonus cash. There’s also an opportunity in each screen to “Win All”, where you are awarded all of the amounts found in the tunnels for that screen. If you are lucky enough to move through all 4 screens without coming across a blocked door or tunnel, you successfully locate the relic of power and an even bigger amount is added to your total win.

Our Rating for the Hellboy Poker Machine: We’ve given this poker machine a 4 out of 5 rating – having random free spins and a bonus game really adds to the game play. There’s also wild symbols that pay 2x the win – these can result in great profits from this poker machine!

Rated 4 Out of 5 Rated 4 Out of 5 Rated 4 Out of 5 Rated 4 Out of 5

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