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What On Earth Poker Machine – 9 Line Pokies – Play Online

What On Earth – UFO Bonus Poker Machine

What on Earth Video Pokies - Bonus Feature

What On Earth – UFO Video Slot Machine

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We LOVE this 9 line poker machine! It’s based around space, rocket ships and UFOs and is loads of fun to play! A video poker machine where the feature has 3 different aspects – it’s definitely on it’s own level!

Bonus Feature Trigger:

3 Matching UFOs on adjoining reels – all Red, all Green or all Blue.

This is a feature packed poker machine that we never get bored playing – find yourself three UFOs and the fun starts – read all about it below!

What On Earth Poker Machine Vital Statistics
Lines: 9 Lines – We Recommend Playing all 9 Lines for Maximum Chance of a Pay.
Coin Size: Starts at 1c per line and goes up to $2 per line. You can bet up to x 5 at any coin size.
Minimum Bet: 1c – We Suggest 9c a Spin.
Maximum Bet: 5 x $2 Coins at 9 Lines – so $90.
Common Bet: 5 x 9 Lines at 2c Coin Level – 90c a Spin.

UFO Bonus Slot Machine

UFO Bonus Slot Machine – Bonus Alien Selection

UFO Bonus Feature – Standard Pay

First things first – to start the feature game off you need to line up three or more red rockets side by side, three green UFOs on the last three reels or three blue spaceships on the last three reels.

When that happens – you’re presented with the bonus screen to the left – choose your alien and watch them beam up your reward (pays shown on the large pay table image further down the page). Depending on what or who they beam up, you’re awarded between 3x and 400x your bet.

But wait, there’s more!

Poker Machine - UFO Bonus Pokies

Poker Machine – UFO Bonus Pokies Contest Found

UFO Bonus Feature – Contest Icon Found

If your little alien manages to beam up a contest symbol (as shown in the picture above) – the group of aliens hold a Beam Em Up contest.

All of the aliens turn on their beams and try to pull up as many objects or people as possible – your original alien pick is competing to see how much he can win you – all of the objects he or she beams up adds to your win. With up to x200 your bet being an option – this can be very lucrative.

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What On Earth Video Pokies - Globe Found - Bonus Feature

What On Earth Video Pokies – Globe Found – Bonus Feature

UFO Bonus Feature – Destination Bonus

If your alien doesn’t beam up a person, object or contest symbol, he’ll beam up a globe! You’re then presented with 4 locations, New York, Tokyo, Cairo and London – choose a location by clicking on the character that represents it (the Queen of England and an Egyptian Mummy being two of them!).

You then can choose another alien and they beam up an object or person which gives you your bonus – if they beam up the bonus character which represents the city chosen – you’ll get a whopping 400x your initial bet!

Pay Table - What on Earth Slot Machine

Pay Table – What on Earth Slot Machine

Our Rating for the What On Earth – UFO Bonus Poker Machine: I say again – we love this poker machine! We find the bonus feature to be a common occurrence and it’s always fun to play – especially with the potential pays available – definitely one to play! 5 out of 5!

This space / UFO themed poker machine is available in many of the casino software downloads found online (free download) and can be played both as a guest player for fun with no limits or for real money using a wide variety of payment methods worldwide.

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